Saturday Morning Samples Episode 60!

img_3725-500x494Today’s SMS is from soul-singer Willie Hale, often better known by his more popular moniker, Little Beaver.  The track is “Get Into The Party Life” and it is off the equally themed album Party Down.  Yeah yeah, I know it’s has been sampled before, but there are unused sections throughout this song which we feel should be heard & then promptly sampled.  As always, don’t forget to tune in next Saturday 9am (EST) sharp for the next edition of Saturday Morning Samples!



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Jim Bond is a good dude, veteran Hip Hop producer & has been helping producers out in one way or another for over 10 years. He is also the creative mastermind behind such illustrious sites as , &!

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  • no more SMS?? shame people can’t leave a comment for all these gems…

    • im luvin this saturday sample joint but it seems like its stopped. i hope you guys keep this going. thnx jim bond.

  • bring back SMS!!! we need to motivate Jim here!

    • SMS is coming back soon… & will be much stronger…

      • DamnShame


        • After the epic vacation I’m on is over. Mid October. It’s on the way!

  • yes we do. i kinda lost touch with the sms after he changed the website and I forgot to submit a subscription.