Saturday Morning Samples Episode 55!

R-792425-1236452355Today’s SMS is from German composer Walter Kubiczek from his beautiful score work off the original soundtrack for the 1979 Das Unsichtbare Visier.  The title of the track is “Maskentanz”.  As always, don’t forget to tune in next Saturday 9am (EST) sharp for the next edition of Saturday Morning Samples!



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  • erockarmynigga

    Glad to see this still going strong… this is my favorite place to come for new samples. I have a folder with all 55 SMS tracks (56 technically) and it is one of the most crazy, eclectic mixes of music I’ve heard

    • Thanks man. I’m trying to pick tracks that are sampleable & listenable…

  • SK

    Just found this site yesterday and I have immediatly bookmarked it on my computer and mobile devices. Thank you so much for these great resources. They are much appreciated.

    • Thanks. Don’t forget to spread the word!